Refreshing Brands for Susanne Kaufmann

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A Natural, Authentic and Carefree Position

Susanne Kaufmann’s natural, authentic and carefree mentality was a unique position. We thought this should be reflected across her branding in a unified way – whether it was a hotel or her skincare product range.

The Lay of the Land

Susanne Kaufmann is widely known for her natural skincare products with active Alpine ingredients as well as her signature hotel in Austria. However, her product website was dated and a challenge to navigate and she also required a hotel website that reflected her personal brand character.

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Website Development 

Our first step was to launch a website that was in-line with our positioning strategy. Our design, visual elements, typography and tone of voice was purist and authentic, while a personal greeting based on the viewer’s location gave the user experience a human touch.

Online Shop Launch

Our next task was to design an e-commerce platform for the beauty product range. Our design was consistent with the hotel website, ensuring brand recall and consistency across the Susanne Kaufmann brand. At the same time, the back end was programmed to provide a comprehensive tool for our partner and we also developed a sophisticated product finder, which made the shopper’s experience carefree and personal.

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Better Performance

+112 %

online revenue

+41 %

E-commerce conversion rate

+51 %


+30 %

SEO traffic

+50 %

page views

+45 %