For exceptional destinations that want to go places. 
We invite refined hospitality and travel brands on a refreshing journey to find and optimise their unique position in the market – a position driven by analytics and inspired by a creative, digital and tailor-made approach to branding. With our Swiss precision, Italian flair, global network and 20 years of experience working with distinguished hotel and travel partners, you can prepare for an itinerary that uncovers the precious nature of your brand and entices your potential visitors to start their own journey to your destination.

  • Our latest journey

    Reinventing the hospitality experience during a crisis

    As the travel industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors by COVID-19, hoteliers have been forced to become increasingly agile and innovative.

    One of Positioner’s most recent responses to this crisis is the support offered to Hotel Kristiania Lech in developing and implementing their winter strategy 2020/2021. Launched as “Private Winter Edition 2020/21”, Kristiania has reinvented their offer to cater to the needs of today’s travellers and help support the local community. The radical shift in strategy includes an "invitation only" approach, privatising the destination to only a select few guests, 65,392 restaurants, a vibrant cultural scene with artists in residence and more.

    The strategy aims to meet travellers' desire for security, trust, space and uncompromising quality, while supporting the entire travel ecosystem, from the travel agents to the artists and local businesses that have been so dramatically affected by this pandemic.

    You can follow our journey here


Our luggage

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    Hotel & Travel Branding Experts
    We have dedicated the last 20 years to brand building in the hotel and travel industry and know how this market works and where it is heading.

  • 2/6

    Integrated Positioning Approach
    We work with our partners to identify their unique position in the marketplace and look at how each element of the brand experience can be optimised to strengthen both brand and business.

  • 3/6

    Tailor-made Solutions
    Every branding decision is tailor-made to deliver an innovative and outstanding result every time.

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    Goal-orientated & Measurable Process
    We are driven to improve our partner’s businesses and we engage in regular audits to ensure our partners continually grow and remain top of mind.

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    Family Mindset
    Positioner was founded by two brothers and this family mindset is extended to our clients who we see as friends and partners.

  • 6/6

    Swiss Quality
    We are as reliable as a good Swiss watch, as versatile as a Swiss Army knife and with quality standards like the best Swiss hotels.

Our Partners

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