Building a hotel brand for the new generation of Italian travellers

Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts has three different hotel collections across Italy. The first is the Boutique Collection which are 5-star hotels focused on art, design and luxury. The second is the family-focused Resort Collection. Positioner was contacted to help build the third brand, a newly formed Urban Collection which consists of hotels close to metropolitan centres.

This third collection was created to expand and evolve Lindbergh’s abilities and strategic development, and was seen as the first of multiple future independent brands. As such, it was important that this new collection had a strong and unique brand which is why the Lindbergh team came to Positioner. We were tasked with inventing a brand which had culture relevance, a distinctive character, and flexibility for future growth in lesser known second tier Italian cities.

The gap in Italy’s growing tourism industry

Our work began with a detailed analysis of the market. We looked at current consumer behaviour, trends and demands (and the gaps that existed within those three circles) and found two key insights:

1. Within Italy’s less-prominent cities, there was a lack of business hotels meeting the needs of younger professionals. Professionals wanting to stay at contemporary hotels that foster a sense of community, boast innovative design, and provide a unique experience that transcends traditional hotel stays.

2. In these cities, existing options lacked a brand with a local foundation and global mindset. Discerning travellers, who are increasingly looking beyond the usual tourist hubs for fresh and less-crowded experiences, weren’t being catered to.

Two Key Insights

Giving the brand a name

To embody the joyful, original, and authentic spirit of Italy, this collection needed a name that was youthful and energetic. And so we turned to one of the main inspirations of Lindbergh Hotels & Resorts: Charles Lindberg, the creative pioneer and aviator.

Originally chosen to represent the Lindberg group’s ambitions, and to act as a symbol of exploration and innovation, Charles’ likeness is the mascot for the Lindbergh family resorts. We wanted to incorporate his ethos into this new Urban Collection, and so Charlie Urban Hotels came to life: a contemporary name that could be emblazoned onto the facades of the collection’s urban hotels.

Brand Name
  • Bringing Charlie to life

    We then set about translating our brand strategy and positioning into various facets of the Charlie ecosystem. This included:

    • Devising a strong and rich graphic language that captured the youthful, playful, approachable and forward-thinking nature of Charlie Urban Hotels.
    • Conceptualising room themes and names that aligned with the adventurous spirit of Charles Lindbergh.
    • Designing printed materials and in-hotel brand experiences and services including meeting kits and kids packs.

    Fundamental to all of this was constructing a brand that had an urban style, contemporary personality, and playful approach. The graphic language we devised celebrated the original corporate emblem and name of the Lindbergh group but added a new independent vibrancy to it. We wanted to draw on Charles’ rich legacy of movement, exploration and research while creating an honest and bold brand that ignited conversation and encouraged guest interaction.

Brand Application

The next chapter begins…

Charlie Urban Hotels represents a strategic response to the evolving landscape of Italian tourism, and the discerning preferences of a new generation of travellers. By recognising the demand for enriched experiences beyond conventional hotel stays, we introduced a brand that embraces Italian culture, fosters a sense of community, and speaks of innovation. The brand embodies Charles Lindbergh’s spirit of exploration, and we’re excited to see just how far it will travel in the coming years.

Next Steps