Making Le Sirenuse Everyone’s Muse

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Positioned as a Hotel You Can’t Help Falling in Love With

When we began working with Le Sirenuse over 10 years ago, we became acutely aware of the undeniable romance associated with the destination. This romantic quality lends the hotel attributes that are aspirational, dream-like and, of course, highly emotional. Seeing the brand in this light clarified the road ahead for the iconic hotel’s online presence.

The Lay of the Land

Le Sirenuse in Positano is globally renowned and one of Italy’s most sought-after hotels. Despite the alluring destination, truly unique, romantic holiday experience and a family managed property that promised a rare hospitality, the hotel’s online presence was uninviting and failed to present the experience in its true colours.

Mood images

Website Redevelopment

Rather than a sophisticated user experience, our website approach focused on highly immersive visuals, taken by our recommended photographer. Now in its fifth design since we commenced our partnership, the website has retained a highly visual and emotional appearance, allowing visitors to fall in love with Le Sirenuse before they get there.


Sirenuse Journal

Before hotel-developed journals became popular, we agreed with our partner to launch the concept of stories on Le Sirenuse’s online channel, accompanied with a print version distributed in rooms. Crafted by acclaimed writers from Condé Nast, such as Lee Marshall, this content was carefully developed to present engaging experiences that would allow readers to enter the world of Le Sirenuse, ultimately increasing engagement, while helping to grow brand awareness.

Emporio Sirenuse

Although the brand’s positioning, and therefore our focus, was to bring out the authentic charm of Le Sirenuse rather than heavy commercialisation, our partners saw the potential of including selective products evoking the spirit of Positano in a simple and subtle e-commerce section of the website.


Emporio Sirenuse Mockups

Franco’s Bar Brand Development

Witnessing the allure and unique Italian flair of Franco’s Bar by Le Sirenuse, we believed the bar should have its own digital presence. We launched a minimalistic, fresh, independent website for the bar and advised the visual and picture language for their digital assets.