Matterhorn View

Transforming a generic holiday property into a forward-thinking design hotel

Parkhotel Beau Site Zermatt needs a new concept

The BEAUSiTE Zermatt (former Parkhotel Beau Site Zermatt) opened its doors in 1907, during Switzerland’s golden age of alpinism. Though exuding grandeur from its perch just above the city and offering one of the best views of the Matterhorn, it longed for a transformation that would lift it up in the eyes of both guests and employees.

What exactly was the challenge?

After conducting workshops, metric-driven research and intense data analysis, we became acutely aware that the hotel needed to address different consumer targets, strengthen its connection to Zermatt and the Matterhorn, create a more contemporary image and attract better talent, all while improving its brand  awareness and value over time. In other words: it required a fresh, distinct and powerful positioning strategy that could help inspire an all-new renovation, brand design and brand experience.

The challenge

Insight: The time to inspire a new golden age of alpinism

An analysis of market trends, as well as insights from workshops and interviews, indicated that a new golden age of alpinism was on the horizon as people from cities flock to the mountains. In line with the hotel’s key role in the first golden age, research showed that our hotel concept should stay true to this DNA (and the DNA of the destination), while aiming high to embrace a vision that would see it inspire a new era of alpinism. This would also need to be infused with alpinist values in a fresh way… and with the British flair that influenced the hotel in its heyday.

Insight: The time to inspire a new golden age of alpinism

Concept: Where alpine spirits take a break

Given our strategy to take a fresh approach to alpinism, we concentrated our focus on the leisure alpinist. The one inspired by adventure in all its forms—particularly those involving relaxing and taking a break. A perfect expression of British flair and wit! This would also allow for a fresh interior design true to the hotel’s DNA, in order to attract a more design-conscious, pleasure-seeking and independent clientele.

The concept

An interior design collaboration

In collaboration with Atelier Zurich, we were able to influence the interior design as conceived in our workshops, including the use of rope in the interiors (in line with our alpinism concept), mini bars, room amenities and elements in the Spa & Recharge Zone (which we helped name and develop conceptually).

An interior design collaboration

A new adventure for the name, logo and branding

The name and logo evolved to reflect the positioning concept. Two words were easier for guests to navigate than four (Parkhotel Beau Site Zermatt), while the signature small “i”  represented the North Star, which continues to guide guests and staff toward their goals. We complemented this approach with a more vibrant and adventurous colour palette, as well as design cues such as rope textures, vertical text and a contemporary heritage icon.

A new adventure for the name, logo and branding
The branding

A pictorial language reaches new heights

The pictorial language was also radically transformed, from outdated, dark and relatively lifeless imagery to a contemporary approach with real people in which adventures come to life—all shot in the style of “a Wes Anderson adventure in the Alps”. A new era of alpinism was on its way!

The visual language

A story that resonates with today’s alpinists

The verbal language of the hotel was also transformed from a generic welcome to a pioneering adventurous approach... with a dash of British wit. Humorous lines and quotes inspired today's alpinists to embark on adventure... even if the adventure means climbing into bed.

Inspiring web adventurers

If we were going to inspire web adventurers to be a part of this new golden age of alpinism, the existing website had to be completely redesigned. It required a modern look and feel, with an original navigation concept, coupled with interactive elements that would inspire a sense of adventure. All while exuding  the fresh and contemporary feel of a design hotel. 

The webdesign

Bringing the concept to life across the guest experience

We also shared innovative plans that would eventually help activate the positioning concept across every stage of the guest journey. These still under-construction ideas include: an oxygen spa concept in line with our alpinism theme, a terrace mountain club, and the adventurous restyling of staff uniforms and music—amongst many others!

Bringing the concept to life

The adventure continues

As the hotel does not have an internal marketing department, we’ve carried out all the marketing—including influencer, social media, email and HR marketing—as well as orchestrated various partners, such as hotel affiliates and photographers. Much progress has already been made, and we continue to reach new heights every day. Keep visiting this page for updates!

The adventure continues