From a B&B to an Active-Wellness Hotel with a 31 % Increase in RevPAR in 3 Years

The Perren family has lived and breathed hospitality for generations. In 1984 it took over what would later become known as SchlossHotel - a hotel built in 1964 in the shadow of Zermatt’s Matterhorn. Fast-forward to 2011 and Alex Perren Jr, together with his wife Pamela, was in charge.

The pair had, and still have, a clear focus on easy-going and familiar hospitality. However, before they came to us in 2019, they faced a number of challenges. SchlossHotel was a ‘simple’ B&B. Guests were only staying for a short period of time and didn’t match the Perren’s values or vision. This was economically unsustainable and creating a transient atmosphere (guests weren’t truly relaxing and enjoying everything that Zermatt had to offer). It led to Alex and his team coming to Positioner with one question: what can we do?

Taking Workshopping to New Heights (1,600m)

After detailed research into the entire universe of SchlossHotel, we ran an in-depth workshop that introduced our Positioner-magic to the traditional elements of a market analysis. We mapped guest personas, hotel data and past performance, customer journeys, future trends and competitors, positioning directions and more - all through the lens of our hospitality and destination expertise.

Where was SchlossHotel right now? Where was Zermatt? Who were their guests? Who were they missing out on? What did guests expect? What would they expect in the future?

It became clear to us that SchlossHotel needed to become a lifestyle brand that offered a distinct and special guest experience. One that would attract an audience looking to live healthily in a fun and sustainable way.

  • Stay Active, Stay Well

    At the start of 2020 we developed a comprehensive strategy for SchlossHotel in which health and balance became central to their guest experience and service offering. The positioning and brand concept of ‘Stay Active, Stay Well’ was formulated - a concept that would become even more crucial and relevant post-pandemic.

    Aligning with this concept, and transforming into an active wellness hotel, wouldn’t happen overnight. Through the course of further conversations we outlined a step-by-step approach for how SchlossHotel could become one of the top active-wellness hotels in Zermatt.

From B&B to CBD

To bring ‘Stay Active, Stay Well’ to life, we created Switzerland’s first CBD spa (taking it from concept to launch) and expanded the Gym - introducing free fitness and yoga classes, bootcamps, and retreats with new and varying partners. This shifted SchlossHotel into its own distinctive lifestyle space in Zermatt (and Switzerland).

To attract different audiences and longer stays: new accommodation options were added, namely SchlossHouse and SchlossCottage; a number of partnerships and collaborations were set up (e.g. with local ski schools and yoga retreats); and the culinary offering was re-defined to feature a new breakfast concept.

From B&B to CBD
  • Going Digital

    We digitised SchlossHotel’s entire customer journey. This involved: creating a better booking engine and launching an online tool for organising spa treatments, fitness classes, and skiing lessons; embracing customer data to understand guests better, offer a more personalised service, and upsell; and streamlining guest communication either through WhatsApp or automation. This improved efficiencies for the guest and the team, allowing the latter to spend more time looking after the former.

    A new marketing plan was put together with a high focus on digital, including social and email channels. Marketing tools and analytics were set up to track the performance of newsletters, influencer partnerships, packages, campaigns and paid advertising, while Positioner also orchestrated the work of a PR agency.

One Tweak at a Time

From 2020 to 2022 our main focus was on new product and service development. While we simplified the brand and streamlined its communication, establishing a new visual identity and tone was set as a task for later, once the new service offering had bedded in.

The whole team - including Alex and Pamela - felt optimising the new services was more important than a brand and website refresh. This is important to highlight as not every hotel can, or should, implement a raft of changes all in one go. Things need to be tested and tweaked. Our partnership with SchlossHotel is an ongoing journey that continues to evolve and improve in collaboration with their vision for the hotel.

One Tweak at a Time

Our Partnership In Numbers

+50.6 %

increase in room revenue

+31 %

increase in RevPAR

+27 %

increase in ADR


increase in spa revenue


increase in number of website users

One of the Top 25

4* Winter Hotels in Switzerland

Data 2018 vs 2023.
Given this success, in early 2023 Alex and Pamela had another question for us: what can we do next?

Coming Soon

Thanks to our work to date, throughout 2023 we’ve been planning the next stage of SchlossHotel’s journey, including a name change to SCHLOSS Zermatt. This has involved renovating the lobby area to create a more relaxed atmosphere; upgrading the design of bedrooms to align to the new SchlossHouse; enhancing the breakfast concept to better reflect the theme of an active and wellness hotel, expanding the spa concept to introduce new Vital Mushroom treatments; and updating the brand's visual and verbal identity to encourage guests to ‘get in their flow’.


What does all this look like? Scroll this way…



All of our work this year will come to fruition in 2024, but a sneak peak is coming in the shape of THE FLOW ZERMATT - a wknd of insight, inspiration and perspiration. From 30th November to 3rd December, guests can jump between movement and breathwork classes, biohacking workshops, and nature sessions. All with the goal of getting in the flow and stretching mind and body.

This feel-good wknd is a celebration of life and how to get the most from it. It’s the embodiment of everything SchlossHotel is about to become as a brand and hotel. And it’s also the best example we could ever give for the work we do to support hotels and destinations around the world.

All of this to say: we’d love to see you there. For more information, and to save your spot, head to  

Keep your eyes HERE to see how SCHLOSS Zermatt will transform itself in 2024.

The FLOW Zermatt